visibility due to smoke chamber.
Visibility Due to Smoke Chamber.

FEC Smoke Visibility Test equipment is made from wooden in outside chamber finished with grey color inner side painted by heat proof paint side control panel made from G.I duly finished with epoxy (Powder coated) paint with two color combination the ceiling of the chamber have a hole which permit to hold light meter cell as per specific dimension for testing the light beam measurement . There is a hole in the bottom of the chamber, which is aligning to the ceiling hole. There is a clear glass bulb fitted to the bottom hole. Left-hand side of the chamber has a hole, an exhaust fan fitted to the left hand side hole. Right hand side have hole which permit to flow air at the time of the exhaust of the smoke to the chamber. The front of the chamber having double door fitted with transparent sheet and outer door fitted with black sheet . There are shutters on the left hand side and the right hand side hole of the chamber. The LUX of the bulb control with the help of an electronics regulator fitted in the side control panel of the instrument. The ceiling hole and the front glass window covered with the black curtain. The chamber fitted on the section stand. A LUX meter is supplied with the instrument for the measurement of the LUX of the light. There is a aluminum silicate and a stainless steel plate also supplied with the instrument. There is a stainless steel specimen frame tilted at 20° to the vertical and have the provision to hold the specimen and there is provision to slide the specimen frame. There is a burner mount on the bottom of the chamber at an angle of 45°. A flow meter, pressure gauge and pressure regulator are fitted on the section frame for the adjustment of the supply of the gas. All the parts are painted or polished for the corrosion resistance long life. We will not supply the any gas with the instrument which is optional extra.

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