breathing resistance test equipment
Breathing Resistance Test Equipment

Face Mask Testing Equipment.
Breathing Response / Air Resistance : Reference Test Standard - NIOSH-RCT-APR-STP-0065,
IS 9473:2002
Applicable Test :
1. Inlahe Breath Air Resistance Test
2.Exhale Breath Air Resistance Test
Scope : Determination of Breathing Resistance Exhale and Inhale Breathing Air Resistance Test,
Air Purifying Respirators Standard Testing Procedure (STP)
This Test Establish the Procedure for ensuring that level of Protection provided by breathing responsive powered air-purifying respirators, meet the requirements air flow resistance and breathing resistance Breath responsive powered air-purifying respirators are designed to maintain a positive pressure in the face piece in order to match the respirator demand.
FEC Manufacturing the Test Equipment as per National & International specific Test Standard
For test the above mention Test.

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