muffle furnace tester
Muffle Furnace Tester

FEC-RECTANGULAR MUFFLE FURNACE (Laboratory Model)Outer casing of mild steel sheet painted in epoxy powder coating. Working temperature 900ºC, Temperature control by energy regulator, with indicators, pyrometer, thermocouple, thermal fuse etc. Heating elements made of Kant Hal wire special high temperature alloy to ensure uniform distribution of heat. To work on 220/230 volt A. C.


The furnace is insulated with ceramic fiber blanket of high density for better insulation. The furnace can run continuously at 1150 deg.. C. trouble free, The furnace is quick heating type, light in weight, table mounting type, compact elegant in design outer painted in epoxy powder coating.
The hinged type swing door insulated with ceramic fiber to avoid heat losses from the door. The furnace is fitted with digital Temperature controller cum indicator to avoid over heating for long life and trouble free working. The panel is fitted at the top of the furnace

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