heel fatigue tester
Heel Fatigue Tester


Shoes Heel Fatigue Tester is used for female high-heeled and middle heeled shoes, the red edge continuous impact heel in a certain energy and frequency until the heel cracking, Through it to know the withstand impact index of heel, and determine the durable quality of heel.


Shoes Heel Fatigue Tester

Standard:  BS-5131, SATRA PM20



Impact Frequency                   :  60 blow /min

Impact Energy                        :  0.68 J/Blow

Swing arm                              :  Dia 12.5 mm

Impact Hammer                     :  Dia 57 mm, Thick 20 mm

Testing Angle                         :  90 Degree

Timer                                      :  LED, 0-999

Specimen Adjustable             :  up to down 90 Degree, Left to right 80 mm, Angle 0 to 180 Degree    

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