cone crush tester
Cone Crush Tester

The Core with in a roll of paper which has collapsed radically or the end is crushed axially from Excessive thrust loads. Damage is due to hard impact received during handling & transit. Defective roll as a result it of surfacing rolls on end in an excessively high pile, which in turn causes the lower ends of the lower rolls to fail in axial direction. 


To test the tube pressure increase by the force of air pressure by the pneumatic cylinder with control hand operated valve. 

  • After rupture the cone/tube the fixer Digital Reading will be hold.
  • Maximum load capacity 800 kgf.
  • Model No.  FEC/CCT/551
  • It is completely microprocessor based with original chip.
  • Auto tare facility
  • Peak hold facility for keeping the maximum value in memory for elongation in mm scale
  • Bright LED Display
  • Feature touches control.

Standard                 :        As per Indian & other standard

Unit                        :        Kg/ Cm

Capacity                 :        500 Kgf /

Accuracy                :        + 1 % Between 10% & 90 %

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