gloss meter
Gloss Meter

The  GLOSS METER is complete according with state standard GB9754-88,GB9966.5 and international standard ISO 2813.
Projecting angle 20  º60 º85 º 
Applications The surface luster measure for printing ink, oil paint, bake lacquer, coat, woodwork and others.   
The surface luster measure for construction decoration materials: Marble; granite; glass chemical polishing brick, pottery brick  
The surface luster measure for plastic, sheet 
The surface luster measure for other non-metal materials  
Measure range 0~200Gu 
Measure range <±0.4Gu/30min 
Value error <±1.2Gu 
Power  DC1.5V×1 
Environment temperature   0 ºC~40°C 
Relative humidity  <&=85% 
Dimension 145×80×38mm 

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