resistance to penetration by synthetic blood test equipment
Resistance to Penetration by synthetic Blood Test Equipment

Medical Face Mask Testing Equipment
Mask Resistance to blood Penetration F1862/F1862M – 17 / IS 16289
FEC Manufacturing the Test Equipment as per National & International specific Test Standard  Performance of Materials Used in Medical Face Masks as per ASTM F 2100, EN 14683.

Equipment is made from G.I Sheet duly Epoxy Coated. Equipment based on trolley type with movable PU wheel with locking facility. Pneumatic operated Actuator with adjustable frame End of this actuator canula as per specific requirement with solonide valve operated set the timer for desired operating the synthetic blood and One Nos of Non corrosive material Reservoir to store the Synthetic blood.
Equipment is Pneumatic Operated Equipment Required the Pressure 4 to 6.0 Kg/cm2. With High precision Timer. Acrylic Transparent Targeting plate with Fixture for hold the Face mask or mask Media. 
Scope :
This test method is used to evaluate the resistance of medical face masks to penetration by the impact of a small volume (~2 mL) of a high-velocity stream of synthetic blood. Medical face mask pass/fail determinations are based on visual detection of synthetic blood penetration.

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