deep freezer 80 degree
Deep Freezer-80 Degree

?The Ultra low temperature freezers are Equipped with special air cooled compressor and CFC free refrigerators to give the efficient cooling and flow in the cabinet. High capacity air cooled condensers with fan condense filter keep fine free of dust to maintain utmost cooling efficiency.


Standard Inner Size: 18×18 ×18, 18 Inches or as per customer Requirement

  • Accurate temperature control and hold over capability
  • Polyurethane Insulation up to 80 -100 mm
  • Minimum power consumption
  • Digital electronic Temperature Indicator cum controller allow for easy readability
  • Timer for set the desired time automatic cut-Off
  • Durable 304 grade Stainless steel interiors and in maintain temperature and makes easy cleaning
  • Inner chamber made from 304 Grade Steel
  • Outer Chamber  made of galvanized sheet finished with epoxy paint
  • Attractive color combination.
  • Base Wheel for easy to movement
  • Inner Chamber Size: 18×18 ×18, 18 Inches 

    • Outer Size with wheel Length 42× Width 26 Height ×31 Inches  
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