Radiator Leakage Testing Equipment

All Structure made from M.S. square piper and covered with G.I. Epoxy paint inner chamber made from S.S -304 grade.
·       Radiators are leak tested at 138k pa to a 4.2 cm limit. The FEC controls the test cycle with temperature
·       Compensation over a range of +/- 10 dig F also adjustable variable pressure.
·       Flexible Fix Turing   accommodates a range of different radiator modals and sizes.
·       FEC has the know how to manage flexible part movements and inherent part dynamics through unique leak detection and fixture design expertise.
·       Instrument constructed with S.S 304 grade Water Tank.
·       Pneumatic op with Timer controlled.
·       Equipment’s made as per national & International Test Method.
·       Easy loading of radiator and pneumatic.
·       Dipping of radiator in water to witness the leak test inside water tank by use of pneumatic cylinders.
·       Pneumatic system for imparting controlled air pressure and display of pressure holding time.
·       Different size of radiator can be covered in a single machine. Size Range from 300mm to 100mmin weight & height .
·       push button operation for carriage horizontal movement for matching with radiator height.
·       Push button Operation for carriage horizontal movement for matching with radiator from water after completion test.

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