mini tensile testing machine
mini tensile testing machine
Mini Tensile Testing Machine

We are introduce our new and compact version Universal Testing Machine for Paper, Spring Compression, Filtration media, Non woven, Flooring Sheet, Fabric, Yarn, Button Pull, Electronic Thimbles, Small box compression, Rubber Testing etc Multipurpose use.

This equipment made according to National and International Standard Test Method

  • Calibration : Certificate will be issued with machine
  • Complete micro processor chip based
  • One set of  fixture will be provide with machine
  • Optional Gripping Fixture : Paper Gripping fixture, Spring Compression, Rubber Gripping, Universal vice type, Button Pull Fixture, yarn Gripping Fixture 
  • Peak hold Facility : when sample will be brake maximum load will be keep in Peak hold
  • Elongation  : digitally or scale is optional
  • This Equipment very compact and maintenance free Coated
  • Invertor operated : if power is failure you can test the sample
  • Motorized operated up and down
  • Safety switch both side : machine will be stop automatically
  • Over Limit protection : Desired set the over limit after that machine will be stop automatic
  • Electric Consumption maximum only 100 Watt 230 Volt maximum you can operate with inverter if power failure
  • Structure made from G.I Sheet duly Epoxy
  • This equipment multipurpose use Like Universal Testing Machine
  • Maximum Load Capacity 100 Kg
  • Maximum length for testing 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 mm
  • This equipment is designed as very easy to use and operate
  • Included complete operating How to operate manual
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