uv ageing chamber
UV Ageing Chamber

After directly exposed to the sun in the shipping container, some materials, like rubber & shoes, may fade, discolor, and age. So Ageing Chamber; Accelerated Ageing Chamber; Aging Testing Machine; Ageing Tester; Ageing Test Chamber can simulate the circumstances of sunshine radiation in containers to test the resistance to discoloration of materials.
The ageing chamber can do two kinds of testing: Ageing and anti-yellowing
Ageing: The chamber can promote the increase of sulfur rubber deterioration, to calculate the change rate of tensile and elongation before and after heat. It?s generally thought that test for one day at 70 degree, in theory as exposed to the atmosphere for 6 months.
Anti-yellowing: The chamber stimulate the atmosphere environment, driven by the sun ultraviolet radiation. It?s generally thought that the appearance change at 50 degree for 9 hours, in theory as exposed to atmosphere for 6 months.

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