box compression tester small
Box Compression Tester Small

This tester is used for testing the compression strength testing. With the proper accessories (optional), it’s also available to test the column compress strength of the corrugated mini box, plastic container, tin container etc. It is equipped with a precise ball screw, which drives the compression platen steadily along the guide track to compress the specimen. A high accurate load cell detects the compression signal via the analyses of test program to display the test results on the indicator.


·      M.S. Structure Powder coated or Automotive paint

·      Capacity  500 Kg

·      Fixture adjustable up to maximum 200 mm OD or as per customer specification

·      Digital readout  with bright LED Display

·      Both side Limit Switch for safety

·      Peak Hold facility when max load will be done

·      Load and un load switch

·      Peak hold facility (for maximum load will be in memory)

·      Load Cell with original microchip in display


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