particle filtration efficiency test equipment
particle filtration efficiency test equipment
Particle Filtration Efficiency Test Equipment

 Mask PFE Test Machine:  F2299/F2299M ? 03 (Reapproved 2017)  / IS 16289- IS 9473:2002, EN 149
Penetration of Filter Material as per IS 9473:2002
·       Sodium Chloride Test - Nacl Test
·       Paraffin Oil Test –PAO Test
·       Sodium Chloride : Aerosol Penetration System (NaCl)
·       Equipment Based with Compressed air Filter and Regulator Unit
·       Inlet Pressure : Maximum 10 Kg/ cm2
·       Regulated Pressure : 0 – 10 Kg/ cm2
·       Pressure Gauge with range of Pressure 10 Kg/ cm2
·       Filter element : 25 µ
·       Required Constant Pressure of 7 bar
·       Paraffin Oil Penetration System (PAO)
FEC Offer The Filter Mask Testing Equipment for R&D of Filter media, Mask Filter Media used in medical or Industrial application, quality control validation. As per International Standard.
Application :                           
It is to test the filtering efficiency of particulate protective masks and medical masks and to determine the resistance of  fabrics and medical protective masks to the constant flow of airflow. Test Equipment as per National & International specific Test Standard  Performance of Materials Used in Medical Face Masks as per ASTM F 2299 /  EN 14683 / IS 16289 Equipment is Touch Screen Operated with one Nose Particle counter Made in Germany 0.15 to 94 Microns 128 Channels world class Optical Particle Counter.

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