din abbrassion tester
Din Abbrassion Tester

We are engaged in offering Abrasion Testing Machines that are used to determine the resistance of small size coarse aggregates and crushed rock. Our machine is fitted with hollow cylinder, mounted on a robust frame on ball bearings. To prevent the abrasive charge from falling on the cover, a detachable shelf is fixed into it. The shelf extends throughout the inside length of the drum.
Designed to conform to the ASTM D5963 and IS0 4649 standards (ISO 4649 has replaced the DIN 53516 standard). This top quality and highly popular abrasion tester will allow you to measure the abrasion resistance of rubbers (vulcanized thermo set rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers) that are subject to abrasive/frictional wear in their actual service, such as tires, conveyor drive belts, and shoe soles. Since wear is always a result of abrasion, different test methods have been developed for the simulation of long term wear.
The method conforming to ASTM D5963 / ISO 4649 has proven to be the best way of simulating long term wear. This method enables comparative tests for the control of the uniformity of a specific material. The achieved test results provide important parameters in respect to the wear of elastomers in practical use. The abrasion resistance is measured by moving a test piece across the surface of an abrasive sheet mounted to a revolving drum, and is expressed as volume loss in cubic millimeters or abrasion resistance index in percent. For volume loss, a smaller number indicates better abrasion resistance, while for the abrasion resistance index, a smaller number denotes poorer abrasion resistance. The DIN Abrasion tester can also be used for comparative measurements on other materials such as plastics, chalk or painted surfaces.

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